Twelve artists plus one commercial building undergoing redevelopment equal a living canvas at 140ART. In 2013 shop fronts and walls transformed into a temporary public art gallery. The campaign, entitled 140ART, showcased some of Australia’s most acclaimed artists. This included several local artists doing big things in the art world. This was one of our very first activations/event for 140ART.

We created a bespoke spray can invite that saw it pop-up all over social media, as well as media packs, communications and socials.

Displayed were featured artworks from the likes of; Anya Brock, Andy Quilty, Pippa McManus, Amok Island, Phibs, Sara Winfield, Ian Mutch, Andrew Frazer, Michelle Leslie, Rebecca Wetzler, Tess Bury and Joseph Boin.

The campaign which we worked on all aspects of including ideation, branding, communications, social and artist selection captured Perth’s imagination and even appeared in the NY Times.