Dutch Trading Co.

The Dutch Trading Co. opened as a small bar in June 2015 and with 18 craft beers on tap, it quickly became known as a beer nerd’s heaven.

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Dutch Trading Co Logo By Zebra Creative

Property 360

The Property Education Foundation (PEF) was founded with the purpose of providing a conduit for students into the property industry. 

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Property 360 Logo By Zebra Creative

A Xmas Original

Forrest Chase in the heart of the Perth CBD wanted to celebrate Christmas in an original way.

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Forrest Chase Perth Xmas Original By Zebra Creative


The laneways at 140 came alive for 140PICNIC, as we celebrated the start of summer.

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140Picnic Perth Invitation By Zebra Creative

SS15 for enex

Spring Summer Fashion comes to enex for 2015. A celebration of the season and all things pastel with pops of pink and dashes of green and blue all coming together in the campaign shoot.

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Spring Summer Fashion enex 2015 Bus Shelter Ad By Zebra Creative

Aspect On Abbett

Aspect on Abbett is a eight dwelling boutique residential development in the beach side suburb of Scarborough.

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324 Queen Street

Located in the heart of the Brisbane CBD, 324 Queen Street is situated in what is locally known as the Golden Triangle.

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324 Queens Street Brisbane Building Logo By Zebra Creative

Quadrant Energy

Two plane flights, two helicopter trips, 10 workshops, an overnight stay on Varanus Island and a teleconference with Devils Creek was all in a days work for the eight week woe-to-go naming and rebrand of Apache Energy to Quadrant Energy.

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Quadrant Energy Brand Stationery Logo By Zebra Creative


After six years of working with 140, in June 2015 we finally launched 140 to the public with 140ALIVE.

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140ALIVE 140 William Street Perth Australia Live Wall By Zebra Creative

Confetti System x enex

The Confetti System have created bespoke pieces across the globe for some of the most style-orientated brands and were intrigued to do so for the world’s most isolated capital city.

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Enex Confetti Autumn Winter Fashion Perth By Zebra Creative
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